Friday, July 22, 2011

The Jailer's Hands

The Jailer's Hands
From the strange mind of the Countess come forth this versatile necklace or bracelets...we're not quite sure, but either way it something you won't find often.

The jailer is often seen with his keys close at hand, so to whom does this hand belong to, and what do the keys unlock?  Is it the cold heart of the wearer that the suitor must take the keys to unlock?  Or are they keys to the hidden secrets held in the heart?  The Countess, herself, doesn't really know; only the wearer knows where the lock is hidden and what is under that lock.

This whimsical piece can be worn as a necklace or be broken apart into two bracelets or as the Countess likes to say, 'handcuffs'.

Simple Handcuff
One 'handcuff is a simple chain with a gear on either side of the toggle clasp.  One gear has blue seed beads to add a touch of color to the over all oxidized silver bracelet.  The other gear holds a key, but is it for the handcuff or some hidden lock.

Ornate Handcuff
The other, more ornate 'handcuff' is a bit heavier due to the 'Jailer's Hand' charm.  With two strings of and assortment of blue beads and keys it goes more with the more 'clunky' ascetics that seems to be popular amongst many women today.  This 'handcuff' is recommended for a more subdued gathering (not recommended if you intended to swing dance, for example).

The Jailer's Hand Detail
The two 'handcuffs' are best wore together for any activity and any occasion.  So do you have a lock in search of a key? Or are you looking for a way to hide your inner most secrets.  Either way, the jailer will not relinquish the hold on the keys for anyone, except for the right person.


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