Friday, July 22, 2011

Embroidery Scissors Choker

This quirky piece is for the true dark artist at heart.  This would be, what the Countess considers a  mix of goth and a touch of fun quirky neo-Victorian.

This is the Countess' take on the Sewing Chatelaine Scissors.  Chatelaine is a French term, dating back to the Medieval Age, meaning 'mistress of a castle or chateau'.  The mistress of the house would have a clasp or hook at her waist from which hung maybe a purse, watch,keys, scissors, or a thimble.  This idea became popular in the Victorian Age and women had charms of said items hanging from their waists, thought not as practical as their Medieval counterparts.

Instead of a charm at the waist the Countess gives you this choker.  On top of a single crochet black and gray choker, that fits comfortable around the neck, is a silver embroidery scissors charm with a silver chain dangling.  Around the bird's neck is a small bow made from the same material as the choker. The choker is held closed by two embroidered buttons that fit snugly through two loops in the back.

The Countess recommends wearing this choker for when the weather begins to cool and it will get a bit uncomfortable in hot weather.


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