Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hands of Love

Hands of Love
Need a hand or two?  Need some love?  Well your in luck 'cause these earrings cover both!

Dangling from antiqued bronze gears these quaint antiqued golden hands have the word 'Love' written in the palm.  Along the wrist lie four light pink gems that are not too over powering thus ensuring that they can be worn with any color.

These fun dangle earrings can be worn for any occasion.  Slightly on the heavy side due to the hand charms, but are quite comfortable and not distracting.


Friday, July 22, 2011

The Jailer's Hands

The Jailer's Hands
From the strange mind of the Countess come forth this versatile necklace or bracelets...we're not quite sure, but either way it something you won't find often.

The jailer is often seen with his keys close at hand, so to whom does this hand belong to, and what do the keys unlock?  Is it the cold heart of the wearer that the suitor must take the keys to unlock?  Or are they keys to the hidden secrets held in the heart?  The Countess, herself, doesn't really know; only the wearer knows where the lock is hidden and what is under that lock.

This whimsical piece can be worn as a necklace or be broken apart into two bracelets or as the Countess likes to say, 'handcuffs'.

Simple Handcuff
One 'handcuff is a simple chain with a gear on either side of the toggle clasp.  One gear has blue seed beads to add a touch of color to the over all oxidized silver bracelet.  The other gear holds a key, but is it for the handcuff or some hidden lock.

Ornate Handcuff
The other, more ornate 'handcuff' is a bit heavier due to the 'Jailer's Hand' charm.  With two strings of and assortment of blue beads and keys it goes more with the more 'clunky' ascetics that seems to be popular amongst many women today.  This 'handcuff' is recommended for a more subdued gathering (not recommended if you intended to swing dance, for example).

The Jailer's Hand Detail
The two 'handcuffs' are best wore together for any activity and any occasion.  So do you have a lock in search of a key? Or are you looking for a way to hide your inner most secrets.  Either way, the jailer will not relinquish the hold on the keys for anyone, except for the right person.


Embroidery Scissors Choker

This quirky piece is for the true dark artist at heart.  This would be, what the Countess considers a  mix of goth and a touch of fun quirky neo-Victorian.

This is the Countess' take on the Sewing Chatelaine Scissors.  Chatelaine is a French term, dating back to the Medieval Age, meaning 'mistress of a castle or chateau'.  The mistress of the house would have a clasp or hook at her waist from which hung maybe a purse, watch,keys, scissors, or a thimble.  This idea became popular in the Victorian Age and women had charms of said items hanging from their waists, thought not as practical as their Medieval counterparts.

Instead of a charm at the waist the Countess gives you this choker.  On top of a single crochet black and gray choker, that fits comfortable around the neck, is a silver embroidery scissors charm with a silver chain dangling.  Around the bird's neck is a small bow made from the same material as the choker. The choker is held closed by two embroidered buttons that fit snugly through two loops in the back.

The Countess recommends wearing this choker for when the weather begins to cool and it will get a bit uncomfortable in hot weather.


The Waterfall

Necklace and Braclet
The Countess will be the first to admit that this necklace and bracelet set are not really steampunk, but they do fall under the eclectic style that the Countess loves oh so  much.

This set is called 'The Waterfall' for the it does look like a gentle, colorful waterfall is wrapped around your neck and wrist.


After many hours of taking blue and green seed beads and making them into links of a sort, the Countess linked them together with many jump rings creating the waterfall effect.

This set plays with the light creating a fun piece to wear adding a 'je ne sais quoi' to your entire look!

Includes necklace and bracelet, both clasp together with a toggle clasp for easy on and off.

Detail of Necklace

Basic Steampunk Earrings

These little delights are one of the first pair of earrings that the Countess has made.  Up to this point she has been reluctant to sell them because they're just so cute and inspirational to her.

Before you is a basic brass gear with gold toned beads dangling from it.  For priced ears and are not too heavy for the sensitive ears

They are great for everything from the causal day to day, to semi-formal.  Not really recommended for the extremely formal event unless they just go great with your outfit.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Contacting the Countess

Send all inquiries via email to countessphoenix@gmail.com titled 'Theatre Phoenix Inquires'.  I would be happy to discuss any of the available pieces or custom requests.

Cost will depend on the material used and the details of the design.  Buyers of custom requests will be sent a photo of the final design (most likely a rough pencil sketch with some colour) and a price quota for the customer's approval.

Shipping will range from $1.50 to $3.00, depending on what is shipped (one pair of earrings with cost less than a parure set).  It should not vary too much from that range, but if a large quantity is ordered shipping may go up a bit.

I accept cash, personal checks (mailed to an address that will be provided) and payments through paypal.